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Removal or treatment of basalioma? Basalioma, like all malignant neoplasms, requires serious treatment, the approach to organizing which should be individual. In addition to surgery, basal cell skin cancer is often treated with chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy. In some cases, such methods are the only possible ones. So, if the tumor is localized on the face, it is often not possible to remove it by the traditional surgical method.

Some of the therapies we offer...

photo of the initial stage of basilioma - a growing pearl pimple.

In this case, radiation therapy is used to kill the degenerate cells.

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It is suitable for fighting tumors of any localization that have not reached a size of 5 cm. For many elderly patients who are unable to undergo traditional surgery, radiation therapy becomes the only salvation. It is often combined with drug treatment.

As part of chemotherapy, local cytostatic drugs are used in the form of applications (lotions) on the tumor area. The most commonly used are fluorouracil and methotrexate. A relatively new method in the fight against skin cancer is phototherapy.

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Compared to radiation treatment, it has fewer side effects because healthy cells are not harmed in the process. Knowledge of the features of the functioning of malignant cells helps to achieve this effect. They more actively absorb the photosensitizing substance than normal ones, and, accordingly, with subsequent exposure to ultraviolet light, they die faster.

  • However, the most effective was and remains radical treatment - removal of basilioma. Unfortunately, when the process is running, when the tumor has already sprouted beyond the skin, penetrated into the muscles or bones, relapses often occur after removal. At the same time, in the earlier stages of basilioma, such therapy gives a good effect.

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Surgeons-oncologists, removing skin cancer, perform the Moss operation.

Its essence is reduced to layer-by-layer cutting of tissues until the last section remains free of tumor cells. The doctor finds them through microscopic examination of pathological material. The disadvantage of the method is its limited applicability. For cosmetic reasons and due to the complexity of the organization of the process, the Moss operation is not performed when tumors are localized on the face.

In the early stages, basaliomas are often removed with liquid nitrogen, carbon dioxide or neodymium laser, electrocoagulation method. However, these methods are effective only as long as the tumor has not penetrated into the deeper layers of the skin. Cryodestruction with liquid nitrogen is painless and does not leave scars on the body. During electrocoagulation, the neoplasm is exposed to an electric current.